Personal Profile

Paula Grierson is a registered Craniosacral Therapist. She turned to craniosacral therapy as a last resort having suffered for a number of years with chronic pain in her upper spine and rsi in her arms. Craniosacral therapy worked where many other therapies had not. She became fascinated by the work. Having meditated for over 25 years, she knew she would have the ability to perceive the subtle motions within the body which form the basis of the work.

Paula completed a course in anatomy and physiology prior to training with Franklyn Sills, an eminent innovator in the craniosacral field who pioneered biodynamic craniosacral therapy. Biodynamic means that the body is enabled by the therapist to access its own healing treatment programme from within. There are no clicks, crunching or manipulations done to the body by the therapist.

Paula began her career working in public relations. She is a qualified teacher and teaches meditation and Buddhism. She is an ordained member of the Western Buddhist Order.

"My craniosacral therapy practice has taught me the imperative of never letting ourselves become separated from a sense of life and movement within the body. Once we become still, we can perceive it. It's a moving, breathing, dynamic stillness. This is health and well-being blossoms from it. Lack of it, restriction can cause dis-ease; ill health can sometimes be a messenger telling us something is wrong with our lifestyle.

We can easily lose this sense of health through the manifold demands life places on us and it may be a whole life's journey to get back to it, if indeed we ever had it before.

If you feel separated from this sense of life, I can work with your body's forces to unlock that potential. Then it is up to you to create a life which sustains it. If you want to do this, you are already on the path to health.

I wish you health and happiness."

Paula Grierson